Art Therapy with Liam Plant

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy provides a creative an expressive means of working through issues which may be brought to counselling and psychotherapy.

Art materials are excellent tools for expressing feelings or accessing unconscious processes which are difficult to put into words. Participants can use art therapy as a means of self discovery, psychotherapy, healing or meditation. Participants cannot 'fail' in art therapy and can choose how much or how little to share with the therapist. No artistic skill or experience are necessary. Liam is here to help people to discover and use their creativity in dealing with stress and in addressing difficult issues.

Non-Managerial Supervision/Staff Support

Would you like ongoing support for your work in a confidential setting? Working within health care settings can be challenging at times and it can be valuable to have personal, non-managerial support outside the work setting. Liam is available to offer support and non-managerial supervision to staff who may be experiencing stress or difficulties in their work or who just need to talk through their concerns in a safe, confidential setting.

About Liam Plant

Liam Plant (M.I.A.C.T., P.G. dip Ath, (Post Graduate Diploma Art Therapy), CAPS, (Counseling and Psychological Service), Counselling Supervision) has been working in the area of mental health in Dublin since 1985. He is a group therapist in the psychiatric services and is a one to one therapist in private practice. He is also a qualified and experienced supervisor.

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