Conflict For Women:
Finding Freedom, Power and Wisdom in Conflict

Thursdays 26th September to November 7th
7.15pm – 9pm Cost €220

with Mari Kennedy

Conflict, including challenging conversations, is difficult for most of us. Each of us tends to have our own habitual way of working with conflict situations. Some of us go into conflict with all guns blazing, some of us shut down, and some of us will do anything to keep the peace. Yet, while it can be deeply uncomfortable and threatening to our nervous system, conflict is an unavoidable, indeed an indispensable, part of life.

When we know how to work with it, conflict is also creative and life-giving and in our development as women, finding our power to navigate conflict is a radical skill that can liberate us to show-up in a more generous, real and impactful way.

Designed specifically for women, this course will enable you to work mindfully with conflict and the difficult emotions it brings up. Over the seven weeks you will have the opportunity to:
• Receive a personal assessment of your conflict style
• Develop fluency in different styles of conflict
• Explore the feminine shadow in conflict
• Learn to be brave and skilful in addressing what matters to you

“I loved learning with Mari on a recent course. She creates a container anchored in safety and possibility in which theory and practice, disclosure and discovery incubate insights, inspiration ad growth. I’m signing up for more”. Catriona

Book: / 087 9150264

 About Mari Kennedy

Mari is an experienced leadership consultant, developmental coach, mentor, Integral Facilitator and yoga and mindfulness teacher. She has over a decade of experience working with individuals, organisations and teams in Ireland and internationally.  Mari has a warm and playful approach to her work while weaving ancient wisdom practices with contemporary developmental psychology, neuroscience, Integral theory and mindfulness.