Retreat in the City

Emotional Healing: Learning to Handle Difficult Emotions

With Mary O’Callaghan MA

Saturday 5th October & Sunday 3rd November
10am - 4.00pm each day
(Participation in both days required)
Cost: €150

Do you often feel overwhelmed by low moods, stress, fear, anxiety?  Emotions, including challenging ones are part and parcel of life. Too often we try to push the uncomfortable emotions away leaving us with a feeling of disconnection from ourselves and others.


We forget that difficult emotions can become our greatest teacher.  For example, when we are angry if we take the time to look beneath the surface of our life we might recognise that we have said ‘yes’ to things just a little too often or we might sense that a boundary has been crossed.  Likewise, with low mood or anxiety we may discover that the self-critical, judging or comparing mind is racing.


During this two-day mini-retreat we will explore creative and safe ways of engaging with our challenging emotions drawing on mindfulness, developmental psychology and neuro-science. The two days will offer us insight and skills so that we can be more responsive rather than reactive, engage in life with greater freedom and ease and be more equipped to be in the flow of life.

About Retreat Facilitator
Mary O’Callaghan, MA, EAP, is the director of Oscailt and an accredited psychotherapist. My background is in humanistic and Integrative psychotherapy.  I have always been interested in unconscious processes and completed an MA in Jungian Studies to this end.

Before becoming a psychotherapist I spent 8 years living as a monastic in Asia and Europe where I underwent intensive training in Buddhist psychology, philosophy and meditation.  These have been lifelong interests.  

I have led meditation retreats in Europe and Asia and am passionate about the meeting of eastern and western psychologies and in integrating mindfulness into everyday life.


Course Commitment
 This course is best suited to people with some mindfulness experience. As practitioners of mindfulness we recognise that regular practice is what brings about the possibility for personal transformation. Mindfulness as a practice is a means by which we can look deeply, understand and transform our heart and mind.
Therefore, a commitment to half an hour practice each day during the month between each retreat day is strongly recommended.  So please bear this in mind before embarking on the retreat. This course will be a combination of teaching,  led meditation practices and group discussion.