6-Month Follow-On Self Compassion Course

Deepening the Self-Compassion practice for those who have completed the 8-week course.

with Mary O’Callaghan

Dates Sundays:
22nd Sept., 20th Oct., 24th Nov., 15th Dec., 25th Jan., 23rd Feb.
Cost €300

Many of you who have benefitted from the 8-week self-compassion course and have an awareness of how easily the practice can taper off have over the years requested a follow-on course. With this in mind we will be running monthly classes that will give you an opportunity to explore the themes in more depth. The course will take the form of short talks, self-compassion exercises, and discussions. We will have the opportunity to practice during the intervening weeks so that as a group we can:

• deepen our understanding and experience of self-compassion
• learn from and support each other in our explorations
• integrate self-compassion more deeply into our everyday lives