Follow-on Mindfulness Course – Going Deeper into Heart & Mind

Led by Fidelma Farley


  • Have you done a mindfulness course?
  • Would you like to take your practice further?
  • Or do you feel the need to re-connect if your practice has waned or fallen away?

This follow-on course explores the foundations of mindfulness – developing a deep awareness of the body, the mind, the emotions and of surroundings/other people. We’ll engage more deeply with meditation practices such as the Body Scan and the Mindfulness of Breathing and we'll  draw on Buddhist teachings on mindfulness, as well as recent neuroscientific research on how mindfulness impacts the brain. We’ll also look at ways of incorporating mindfulness into our everyday lives so that we can live with awareness and kindness throughout the day.


When? 4 weeks, starting Monday 3rd July, 7.30pm – 9.30pm

How much?: €140.00