Life & Business Coaching

Coaching offers a professional relationship between the life-coach and the client, and is a process designed to help you get clarity, direction and move you towards what is important to your sense of fulfilment. Life and Business Coaching is forward-looking, action-based and aims to increase the Client’s self awareness and self responsibility. Life Coaching will guide you through the process of change, leading you from a functional life to a fuller life.

Generally, the relationship is formed to enable you to do some or all of the following:

  • Set new and better goals for some or all areas of your life
  • To re-focus the client on what is important
  • Develop tools and support structures to empower your life
  • To complete a specific task

Typical Areas for Life Coaching:

  • Situations in life where you are feeling stuck or confused, a bit lost or overwhelmed
  • Where you are going through a period of change and want clarity and guidance
  • Where life’s challenges have left you feeling low on self esteem, social skills, confidence
  • Where you are not fulfilled in some aspect of your life or career

At Oscailt, all of our our Life Coaches work with you to support you tuning in to your deeper goals and realising your innate potential. Each practitioner brings unique experiences, perspectives and areas of expertise to their work.

Coaching is working with a client to identify issues, find solutions and direction. It is facilitating learning not teaching. Coaching is helping you decide what you want, not telling you what you want. A good coach provides the direction and concentration for a client’s energies, helping channel all their efforts towards the client’s desired outcome. Working one to one with clients Life Coaching helps clients to identify the areas of their life they wish to change and then provides the tools to move forward to achieve the life they want. — Eamonn Murray