Loving Kindness at Oscailt

with Fidelma Farley

We all want to experience love and kindness in our lives but may often find it difficult to open our hearts, fearing that we’ll be hurt or taken advantage of. Overcoming the inner critic and being caring and kind to ourselves can be even more difficult. Often, it’s our busy, packed lives that distract us from connecting more deeply to ourselves and others.

And yet we know that we are at our happiest when we feel connected to those around us and are at ease in our own hearts.

What does the Loving Kindness Course Involve?

When you learn how important it is to love yourself, you stop making others suffer.
— The Buddha

While we all have the capacity to live from our hearts, sometimes we struggle to bring kindness to ourselves and others. 

This five week course will teach the Loving Kindness meditation practice, which develops the ability to connect to your heart, by bringing a gentle, kindly awareness to your emotional responses to yourself and others. 

The course also explores other ways of bringing loving kindness into your everyday life, by simple practices that develop positive emotions such as gratitude, generosity and compassion.

Suitable both for beginners to meditation and for more experienced meditators.

Really enjoyed the course, I found it to be a very special experience. It has heightened my awareness of myself, and how I relate to others.

I find myself going back to being more like the person I used to be before the stresses of day to day life let anger and other negative emotions start taking over.

Could say what was on your mind – no one going to judge you – safe environment thanks to the teacher’s facilitation style.
— Course participants

The next Loving Kindness Course runs:

Wednesday 15th November - Wednesday 13th December, 6.00pm – 8.00pm

Cost: €130.00


To book:

Phone: 01 660 3872

Email: info@oscailt.com