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Modern Challenges Facing Masculinity


Starts - Feb 19th - Mar 12th - Mondays - 7.30 - 9.30pm

 with Shastri Mark Duggan


In a culture that is changing rapidly, so too are the public images of men and masculinity. This can leave many men feeling bewildered and alienated. In this course we will explore how we, as men, see and feel about ourselves in this time.  How is our image and self worth affected by cultural narratives regarding masculinity?  What is the emotional impact on us when we hear about the recent abuse revelations or when we see hashtags like  #metoo, #timesupnow and #notallmen.


In a landscape of increasing polarisation it can seem like there is a prevailing sense of mistrust between men and women. This can make it difficult for us to express ourselves genuinely. In dialogues and discussions we will explore the possible impact of this on ourselves and our relationships.  We will also look at the cultural backdrop and examine ways that we can enrich the conversation without adding to the confusion.


Transforming Difficult Emotions

For some the reaction to how men are portrayed in the public sphere may be to retreat into resentment, silent anger or confusion. This anger can be transformed into clarity and intelligence, which provides a pathway to understanding ourselves and our world and further to compassionate action which we may apply to both ourselves and others.


Ancient Tools for Modern Man

The ancient practices of mindfulness and awareness, coupled with self-compassion and loving kindness, can provide us with a set of tools and skills that will enable us to have a more creative and insightful response to our shifting society and culture..


Mark Duggan, who holds the Buddhist title of Shastri, began practicing meditation at the age of 16 and the practice of mindfulness in his mid-twenties.  He then engaged in two month long mindfulness retreats, followed in 1988, by a 3 month retreat in Colorado , where he trained in teaching the practice.  He has been teaching mindfulness ever since and has taught internationally, including in France, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Britain and the US.  In his teaching, he draws principally from a contemporary secular training in mindfulness called Shambhala Training, 'The Heart of Warriorship'.


Cost: €100 - Concessions available

Call: 087 6392801- Email: markduggan60@gmail.com