Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

Taught by: Carmel O'Hara

In this 8 week course, Carmel O’Hara will resource mindfulness practices that support us to deal with reactivity in our lives, helping us make choices in how we want to respond to the many challenging situations that arise for us.

Often times we find ourselves being challenged in our lives. When we are stressed, we can fall into old self-defeating patterns of behaviour. When this happens our self-esteem can suffer and this in turn sets up a further reactive loop of stress, leaving us feeling at times that our lives are out of our control.

Mindfulness helps us to take charge of our own lives in a way that is gentle and compassionate with ourselves, yet supporting us to become more skilful in managing stress and in managing inevitable challenges in our lives.

Course Cost: €300 (concessions available). 

Course Fees include a CD, Course handouts, weekly classes and the experiential day-long workshop.

The next course runs from Thursday 5th October until Thursday 23rd November 2017

The course will be held on Thursday mornings - 10.00am - 12.30pm

The experiential day-long workshop will be held Sunday 12th November, 10am to 4pm.