Living in Sync with the Menstrual Cycle:

Winter Special – exploring grief, surrender & transition

Facilitated by Lisa De Jong

Saturday, December 7, 2019

10:00 am  5:00 pm


A one-day retreat to explore the cyclical rhythms of the menstrual cycle with a special focus on the power of surrender during the ‘inner winter.’


Who is this workshop for?

·         For anyone with or without a menstrual cycle up to and including the years of perimenopause.

·         For anyone struggling with their cycle in some way.

·         For busy women looking to restore balance, reduce stress, improve creativity or looking for healing of some sort.

·         For anyone going through transition or grief and looking for embodied support.

·         For women approaching perimenopause and curious about working with the cycle through transition.

·         For coaches, yoga teachers and therapists wishing to bring this work to their practice.

·         Suitable for women on the pill.


In this one-day workshop, we will explore the changing hormonal energies of the menstrual cycle and learn how to live more in sync with the cycle so that it can become something that supports our lives rather than be a burden.

There will be a special focus on the powers of rest, surrender and letting go during the season of winter and the ‘inner winter,’ menstruation. When we are going through change, transition or grief, our menstrual cycle can be a somatic support to process these difficult emotions and can allow for more space to be created from within. The more we can support our menstrual cycle through diet and self-care, the more it can support us through these challenging times.

During the workshop we will:

·         Explore the ‘inner seasons’ of the cycle and learn how best to look after ourselves during the different stages of the cycle in relation to diet, exercise and energy management

·         Learn about the role of our reproductive hormones, our endocrine system as well as our nervous system, and how to take steps towards hormonal balance

·         Explore the topic of ‘surrender’ or ‘letting go’ and how we can use our menstrual cycle to help us process difficult emotions during times of grief or transition

·         Practice guided womb meditations and learn how that can help us connect with our intuition

·         Practice womb yoga to support a healthy flow that allows for deep rest and surrender

·         Share stories, song and poetry that represent winter, all that winter symbolises, grief, loss, transition and change

·         Take home realistic and practical changes to practice this in our everyday lives


Please wear comfortable clothing for gentle movement. Please bring a packed lunch, water, and a pen and paper. 

Option: Feel free to bring a song, story or poem that for you represents the power of ‘winter,’ or ‘letting go.’

Limited space available to allow for a small group.

I look forward to meeting you there!


Workshop total: €90 (Early bird €80 before 31 October)

Deposit: €30 to secure your place

Book at

Concessions available upon request.

Lisa de Jong is a Menstruality or ‘Period’ Coach teaching women how to live in sync with the menstrual cycle for physical and emotional wellbeing. Coming from years of debilitating period pain herself, she embarked on a journey of healing and self-discovery through the changing energies of the menstrual cycle. She has trained in various disciplines to support this work. She offers 1:1 coaching, group workshops and talks. Her work has been featured in The Independent, RTÉ Lifestyle, Ireland AM and on the radio.


Find out more at or Lisa’s Instagram at _lisa_dejong_

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