One Day Workshop

Menstrual Cycle Awareness


Facilitated by Lisa De Jong & Charlotte Amrouche


Sunday, 6th October 2019, 10am – 4.30pm


A one-day retreat to help you to work with the cyclical rhythms of the menstrual cycle for a more balanced and fulfilled life.

€60 (Concessions available on request)

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In this one-day workshop, with Lisa de Jong and Charlotte Amrouche, we will explore the changing energies of the menstrual cycle and learn how to live more in sync with the cycle so that it can become something that supports our lives rather than be a burden. Coming into a more intimate and healthy relationship with our menstrual cycle is a path to freedom for women and therefore a path to a more fulfilled, abundant and creative life. Learn how to look after yourself best during the different stages of your menstrual cycle. Perhaps you suffer in some way with a busy life and want to explore that deeper, or perhaps you are looking to unlock your inner voice and creativity. We will share our stories in this workshop, consider different options in terms of reusable and alternative menstrual products, practice guided womb meditations as well as womb yoga to support a healthy flow. The menstrual cycle can become a container upon which we base our lives, making it a daily spiritual practice.

 Ideal for all women with or without a menstrual cycle up to and including the years of perimenopause. (This is not a workshop for menopause but if you are looking for that, get in touch with Lisa and she can guide you in the right direction.)

Please wear comfortable clothing for gentle movement. Please bring a packed lunch, water, and a pen and paper. 


About Lisa de Jong

Lisa teaches and writes about how to live in synch with the menstrual cycle. Coming from years of pain herself, she eventually trained under Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer amongst other disciplines in the healing powers of the menstrual cycle. She is passionate about holding space for women to explore their own cyclical nature as a way to develop intimacy with themselves through mind, body and spirit. She believes in an embodied spiritual practice and helping women find small practical changes in everyday life that lead to realistic steps towards self-compassion and ultimately healing. She is particularly interested in working with women who suffer from physical pain with conditions such as endometriosis as well as women who struggle with their mental health at different points in the cycle, women who have experienced trauma, miscarriage and those seeking healing post-abortion. She also teaches on grief, assertiveness, creativity and leadership through the changing energies of the cycle. She brings a grounded and practical approach to her teachings. She hosts workshops, talks in the workplace and works with women 1:1 through coaching and healing sessions. She is also a published poet. Find her at or @_lisa_dejong_ on Instagram.

“Menstrual cycle awareness is something that changed my life long time ago and I am beyond grateful that Lisa came along the way. Lisa will help you, support you and hold you in a very sweet and gentle way. She helped me to step into myself and connect with my cycle and I was able to recognize the beauty of it.” - Eli

About Charlotte Amrouche

Charlotte launched the MÍOSTA project in 2018, bringing menstrual education workshops to universities and community spaces around Ireland. The MÍOSTA project aims to unpack the shame and stigma that still surrounds our periods, to facilitate education on reusable and alternative menstrual products and to create empowering conversations about periods. Charlotte became passionate about periods while studying for her MA in Gender Studies at Utrecht University, where she focused on the topic of menstrual activism. She is currently a PhD researcher at NUI Galway, continuing to look at women’s bodies in activist spaces. You can learn more about Charlotte and the MÍOSTA project at or on Instagram @miosta.period

"Charlotte is phenomenal. She really knows her stuff and is so engaging with students. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to host her workshop and discuss menstrual health in such an open and refreshing way. I would highly recommend!" - Melissa, Welfare Officer, UCD SU, 2018

Queries: Contact Lisa at or 0861091271