Mindful Communication

A workshop for anyone who would like to explore communication further

Saturday November 9th 10am – 4pm Cost €80

with Carmel O’Hara & Jean Barrett

Do you find it difficult to communicate what you feel?

Are you often caught in unhelpful repetitive communication patterns?
Can you express what you need in a clear and kind way?

Communication is at the heart of our life and the way in which we communicate can bring about either feelings of closeness and connection or can serve to isolate us from those we love. Sometimes we use automatic, habitual and outmoded patterns of communication that may be neither helpful nor skilful.
During this workshop we will:
• Learn how mindfulness and compassion practices can help us find clear and skilful ways of communicating with ourselves and with others
• Explore the difference between reacting and responding
• Develop greater ease and connection in how we communicate.