A 6-Week Mindfulness Course
For Busy People

Finding lunchtime peace of mind in the midst of a busy day

Mondays 23rd September to 28th October
12.45pm – 1.30pm - Cost €120

with Mary O’Callaghan

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the demands of home and work that you face?

Even when you have time to slow-down and unwind do you find it difficult to do so?

If your answer is Yes to those questions, then the good news is that you don’t have to stay trapped by the stress, worry, anxiety or exhaustion that your answers point to. Mindfulness offers you a way out that can be mastered by everyone. Mindfulness can free us from the unnecessary pressures we put on ourselves that keep us running on autopilot. With practice we can learn to slow down, see things more clearly, and discover the capacity within all of us to bring calm and ease into our work and into our life as a whole. Research shows that when we bring mindfulness to any task we are more relaxed and more effective. The shift in awareness that mindfulness brings can be learned by anyone. The course will combine insights from cognitive psychology and neuroscience that help us to bring greater calm and ease into our engagement with all aspects of life. Over the 6 weeks you will:
• Experience the power and benefits of conscious breathing

• Understand the neuroscience of stress and learn effective ways of calming your nervous system

• Move from stress and struggle to a calm and focussed way of being

• Discover that by ‘losing’ those six 45 minute periods away from your desk, your work effectiveness and satisfaction have improved rather than suffered!