Mindfulness for Post-Cancer treatment

with Carmel O’Hara

8 Week Mindfulness Course for anyone in Recovery from Cancer
A diagnosis of cancer can be challenging and traumatic. At the beginning stages, we go into survival mode and undergo all the treatments necessary to put us on the road to recovery. However, having completed the medical interventions which can include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation we can ultimately feel drained. People often report that the post-treatment phase can be a particularly difficult time emotionally. It is not unusual to experience a loss of self-confidence and a lack of direction.

Aims of the course

It is understandable that, for some, anxiety and fear can be part of the early stages of recovery from cancer treatment: an unhelpful cycle of anxious preoccupation may result in a person feeling powerless and isolated.

  • There is growing evidence of the beneficial effects of mindfulness for this stage of recovery in helping us: to re-establish resilience, and to feel more in charge of our life
  • To support us to manage understandable anxiety and fear at this early stage of recovery
  • To calm our nervous system by focusing on the breath, and to learn how to respond rather than react to challenging situations with kindness towards ourselves
  • To recognize we are not alone in dealing with day to day challenges of living after a diagnosis of cancer as this is a group programme
  • Notice and interrupt the cycle of anxious preoccupation
  • Step out of automatic reacting and come back to the anchor of the present moment in the body and the breath
  • Turn little by little towards what is difficult; to begin to bring kindly, curious, and gentle attention to their experience

Who might benefit from the programme

It is not necessary to have any previous experience of practicing mindfulness to attend this course.
What is needed is your intention to commit as best as you can to attending the programme weekly and the day long practice, and to engage in the home practice for approximately 40 minutes daily throughout the eight weeks.
Each session is two and a half hours long so it is important to consider your energy levels at this time to be able to partake in the programme.
Each participant will be given a copy of the eight-week curriculum, and recordings of the home practices.

This programme was developed by Trish Bartley (2012) for those with a cancer diagnosis based on the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Programme (Segal, Williams & Teasdale, 2002, 2012).

The first 8 week Course will run:

Tuesday 30th January to Tuesday 20th March 2018, 10.00am – 12.30pm

Plus a full practice day: Sunday 4th March, 10.00am - 4.00pm

Cost: €300 (Deposit to secure your booking: €100)

To book:

Phone: 01 660 3872

Email: info@oscailt.com