Self-Compassion & Emotional Resilience
8-week Course

Taught by: Mary O'Callaghan

Learn to develop a compassionate relationship with yourself and others. You can read feedback from participants here.

Mindful Self-Compassion?

While many of us would be quick to complain about being treated harshly by a loved one, friend or colleague, the reality is that we tend to treat ourselves in ways we would never treat anyone else. When things go wrong for us, how quickly we use expressions of self-blame such as ‘what’s the matter with me?’ or ‘what have I done now?’ or ‘there I go again’! This habit of negative and critical self-talk is undermining, unproductive and stressful.

Mindful self-compassion helps us, first to recognise these habits as they arise (mindfulness) and then to let go of our harshness towards ourselves and, instead, to develop understanding, tenderness and kindness (self-compassion).

Who would benefit from the programme?

This eight week programme is for anyone who has some previous experience of mindfulness and who wants to cultivate compassion for themselves and for others.

The weekly class includes meditations, short talks, experiential exercises, group discussion. Because MSC is a training programme there is a commitment, not only to the weekly class, but also to home practice of approximately 20 to 30 minutes per day. If you are considering this programme it is important to build this time into your schedule.

After engaging in this programme you will be able to:

  • Practice self-compassion in daily life

  • Motivate yourself with kindness rather than criticism

  • Handle difficult emotions with greater ease

  • Transform challenging relationships, old and new

  • Manage caregiver fatigue

  • Practice the art of savouring and self-appreciation

Course Cost: €350 

The next course starts on Monday 16th September until Monday 4th November

The course will be held on Monday evenings - 7.15pm - 10.00pm

With a half day retreat - Sunday 20th October - 10.00am - 2.00pm

To book: a deposit of €100 is required to secure your place - this can be paid by either cheque or cash to the Oscailt office or over the phone by card. Deposits are refundable up to one week before the course commences. No refunds are available once the course has started. Early booking is recommended as spaces are limited.

“well organised and excellently executed”
”The Mindful Self Compassion course was a very important experience both personally and professionally”
”Mary’s delivery was practical and effective but also knowledgeable and compassionate”
”As the time goes by I notice a lot more spontaneity and tenderness in my life”
” a huge residue of negativity was lifted from me and I found soothing ways of tending to the mistakes I make, thereby opening up creative ways of learning from them “
”It has shown me a new way to respond to difficult and testing times”
— Mindful Self-Compassion course participants