One Day Self-Care Retreat

With Mia Doring

When: August 26th 2017 10.00am – 4.30pm


“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation”


Self care means listening to ourselves and providing what is needed in any given moment.


As the seasons change and Autumn settles in, it can be a good opportunity to reflect on how we nourish ourselves. This self-care retreat day is a full day in which you are invited to explore how you can better nurture self-care in your life, aiding greater awareness, resilience and overall levels of contentment.


Through a combination of input, meditation, discussion and experiential learning we will explore the four pillars of self-care; mindful self-awareness, self-compassion, boundaries and resourcing.


      Unpack what self-care means to you

  • Explore how you experience stress, overwhelm, fatigue and burn out
  • Learn how to incorporate self-compassion into your everyday life
  • Explore different ways of integrating self-care into your life
  •  Learn about your boundary style
  •   Discover how to resource yourself and build resilience during challenging times

Facilitated in a gentle style and based in an approach of empowerment, taking part in this retreat is an act of self-care in itself.


Cost: €50 per person, with a deposit of €20 necessary at least two weeks before the retreat. We offer a sliding scale - if you can't afford the full fee but would still like to come, just email Place are limited to 12. Please bring a pen and something to write on.

                  or call 0834142451



'It was really relaxing and overall a very positive experience, it made me more mindful'  - Laura


'I liked being encouraged to think about how I deal with situations and create boundaries, and being encouraged to think about what I do to make myself feel better in general' – Andrea


About Mia:

Mia is a psychotherapist, facilitator and director of Daring Greatly Counseling & Psychotherapy. She has a special interest in mindfulness, trauma recovery and crisis counseling.