Open your Heart to Joy

Course with Geraldine Griffin

 Date: Monday 16th September for five weeks (until 14th October)

Time: 10.45am -12 noon

 Cost: 180 euro

Book: or 083 1117650


Have you been living inside your head?  Have you become tired of the old stories you keep hearing and telling yourself? I felt trapped like this, believing all my ‘shoulds’. Unconsciously, I was just taking the obvious next step for almost everything in my life, until finally one day in my early 30’s I realized that it was possible through mindfulness to change all that.

 I trained to be a Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapist at the Karuna Institute and learned to get out of the stories in my head, get into my body and reclaim this human capacity we all have to open the heart to joy once more.

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I have ‘distilled’ much of what I have learned through my practice into ‘Opening the Heart to Joy’ course and now I’m offering to guide you on your journey.


The course will support you to:

De-stress through the use of gentle movement and breath techniques suitable for all regardless of age or fitness level.

Reclaim your capacity as a human being to live more from a ‘being’ state rather than non-stop ‘doing’ and over-thinking.

Explore your individual meaning and purpose in life and learn to no longer abandon your own heart’s desires.

Appreciate beauty and cultivate a mind of gratitude for the ‘small things’.

Restore balance in your life and reclaim your natural capacity for presence, joy and serenity.

‘It doesn’t take much to start to shift from the alienated, marginalised state that I have experience,  to recognising a quality of human experience that may be long forgotten. To risk the possibility of opening our hearts again, of being close or vulnerable again... to risk all of that, as opposed to not being able to love or feel joy’.  Maura Sills