Open Heart Buddhist Group

Weekly Meetings
Our weekly group meetings are held each Monday downstairs in the yoga studio. There is a period of meditation, then we continue with a period of discussion and finally a session of chanting or kirtan (singing with musical accompaniment). 

The session is not a drop-in evening so if you are interested in finding out more, please contact us first (see below for contact details). 

We run a beginners/newcomers course (depending on demand) at Oscailt on Monday evenings to help introduce beginners and newcomers to the practice. 
It helps to read the following before attending the beginners course:

Guidance to Awakening http://www.en.openheart.fi/101
Tibetan Heart Yoga  http://www.en.openheart.fi/111

The suggest donation is €5 for the sangha meeting and €10 for the beginners course. 

For further details - Open Heart contact:

Jonathan jodonova@gmail.com 
Karl 086 102 9685

About Open Heart

Open Heart is a dharma-method that combines ageless principles and yogic knowledge with a modern and pragmatic approach. Our system unifies the ancient and modern to help our practitioners to come into deep understanding of themselves, for the benefit and liberation of all sentient beings. We do not claim to have invented anything new but we have looked into and explored the old ways. We hold the teachings of buddhism, buddha dharma, in high regard but do not wish to carry ritualistic or cultural traits from other times and places with us. Instead, we think that people of each time and culture need a way that they can relate to and understand, with a concrete outcome.

As buddhists of the great vehicle (skt. mahayana) and vajra vehicle (skt. vajrayana) we subscribe to common buddhist principles such as The Four Noble Truths, The Cycle of Rebirth, Refuge in the Five Jewels and Bodhicitta-motivation. Through commitment and regular practice of our teachings we can gain faith and confidence that full liberation, attainment of buddhahood, is possible in this single lifetime, no matter who or where you are. 

Website www.openheart.fi

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