Psychotherapy at Oscailt

Psychotherapy offers a unique opportunity to explore our own life patterns and capacities in the presence of another person.

Through the process of psychotherapy, we can develop an awareness of our own ways of being, our thoughts and emotions, and of the patterns we have developed over time. We can also find a place of safety and exploration, where concerns we have not had the opportunity to properly address at other points in our lives can be given the attention and time that they deserve.


Generally, clients come to therapy for a regular weekly session. Appointments can be made to see any of the psychotherapists/counsellors through our receptionist. Psychotherapy is offered on a strictly confidential basis. All our psychotherapists/counsellors are qualified practitioners and adhere to the clear codes of ethics laid out by their respective accrediting bodies.


For individual therapy, fees range from €60-80 per session. Some of our therapists offer a sliding scale to those for whom the full fee would be prohibitive.

Psychotherapists at Oscailt


Psychotherapy Supervision

We currently have five supervisors of Psychotherapy at Oscailt: Mary O’Callaghan, Aine O’Connor, Carmel O'Hara, Liam Plant and Francess Kenny-Denneny.