Psychological Astrology at Oscailt

What is Psychological Astrology from a Soul Centred Perspective?

Imagine taking a photo of the stars and planets at the exact moment of your birth - a moment and place which you as a soul carefully chose. That is what your birth chart symbolically represents.

The position of the stars and planets in this photo/birth chart describe your core personality features, including your gifts, talents and resources, how you experience emotions, what you value, and how you most easily communicate, as well as the core themes you chose to experience as a soul on this life journey. The greater your self-understanding, the more choices you have.

As the planets are constantly moving in the sky, understanding where and when they land on your individual birth chart alerts you to which part of your life journey is invited to awaken and expand right now. (This is commonly called the Planetary Transits). The gift of free will, of course, allows you to choose to a large degree of how you wish to experience your core soul themes. Hence, two individuals with similar birth charts may live them out in very different ways.

What does a Psychological Astrology Consultation with Margaret Gray entail?

I offer consultations for individuals and/or couples as well as for the charts of children.

Most of the interpretation of the birth chart is done prior to our meeting, so the focus of our time together is on offering you information on the areas of your life that you have asked about and that are most active planetary wise at the moment. For some this may be about career/vocation/work, whereas for others it may be about relationships, home, family friendship etc.

To prepare your chart I will need your date, place and exact time of birth. If you don't have your exact time of birth and you were born in a hospital, it is well worth writing to the hospital to get your time, as they keep records. The more accurate your time of birth, the more information I can offer you. However, we can work if necessary with an unknown time of birth.

A session lasts one and a half hours approximately and is recorded and sent to you via email after our meeting.

Astrology Ireland Meet-up Group

Astrology Ireland Monthly Meet-up group takes place at Oscailt and is facilitated by Psychological Astrologers Margaret Gray and Kim McKayed. Everyone with an interest in Astrology is very welcome to join.

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