Suaimhneas Sangha

Suaimhneas is a Dublin-based mindfulness practice group. We offer days of mindfulness on the last Sunday of each month, 2pm-6pm.

*Note that bank holidays and national mindfulness events may effect our regular meeting, so please check our facebook page or sign up to our newsletter to receive updates. 

A typical Day of Mindfulness includes

  • guided sitting meditation
  • deep relaxation
  • mindful walking
  • dharma sharing
  • a decadent teatime

All welcome; no need to book a place in advance. Suggested donation to cover room and expenses: 10

'Suaimhneas' can be translated from Irish as tranquillity, serenity, relaxation and a feeling of ease. By practicing, we aim to cultivate these feelings, and take good care of our feelings of stress and suffering.Pronunciation: something like 'soo-iv-nuss', though there are variations regionally :-)