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Grandmaster Sam Lee Bio

Grandmasters Lee's education in the martial arts started at the age of 6 in Hong Kong with Wu style Tai Chi, followed by Hung Gar (Kung Fu) then Hung Sing Choy Li Fut (Buddha style, Kung Fu) . He is head of the Tai Chi /Kung Fu section of IMAC (Irish Martial Arts Commission) and has been granted 9th Dan status by the Chin Wu Traditional Martial Arts Association, China. He was granted ‘Grandmaster’ status, by the International Kenpo Karate Association. Grandmaster Lee is a level 3 coach under the Sports Councils National Development Programme and holds the advanced certificate of Sports Tutor awarded by the University of Limerick. He is particularly interested in the self healing aspects of Tai Chi and Qigong.

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I knew very quickly how lucky I was to have such a brilliant teacher, as by the fourth class I could see a marked improvement in my health. Prior to going to Sam's class, I had asked my doctor, was I always going to have pain like this? He said, this is as good as it gets! — Sile
I found him to be an excellent instructor and I believe the exercises and his support played a considerable part in my recovery and good health and energy. — Edward
I had been studying Chi Kung with Sam Lee for 6 months following my tumour surgery. I decided to try this as I had felt very weak. I felt a total lack of internal energy. We would meet twice a week. Soon after we had started training I felt my energy begin to fill my body again. Sam's professional attitude as well as his precious remarks and positive energy helped me recover very quickly. — Danguole
Sam is an unique individual, very warm and keen to share his knowledge. He is an amazing teacher and inspires his students. — David