An Introductory Workshop

The Lightness of Being


Facilitated by Áine O’Connor, M.A.P.T.C., R.C.S.T


Saturday, 26 May 2018, 10am – 2pm


The most essential aspect of our nature is the part of us rarely accessed due to the busyness of our mind and our thoughts; our very Being.


In this workshop you’ll be introduced to an exercise of connection, leading to the direct experience of Being and the depths of peace and relaxation residing there. Each person will be invited to name how and what they experience as a result of making this connection and to know that it is ever present, no matter what is happening in the outer aspects of life.


The second part of the workshop will introduce exercises and practices promoting and assisting living more and more in the quality of Being and less in the busy mind which always experiences life as problematic.

To book: 086 8165871

Cost: €50